Making Mistakes

Only the brave make mistakes

Trying and failing is not wrong.

I’ve failed many times in my life. I’ve failed as an artist, a mother, a friend, a human. My failures have to lead me to new unknown shores. It’s only when we fail, that we can look back and learn. We don’t always learn from succeeding. We learn more from ‘the dark night of the soul’. 

I have often doubted whether I should keep on painting. From being a 20 + year-old winner of the largest Fine Art competition in my country I descended in obscurity and depression. My life has not been easy.  (Read about my life journey here!)


I’ve been through many dark times. I’ve had years of painting and marketing and no sales. I’ve had to learn to paint because I want to tell my and your story. We are not survivers, we are victors. To survive is to overcome, to life is to be courageous!

Why do I need to paint?

I know what it is like to be in that dark place. A deep hole in the ground and all you can see is a little ray of sunshine, the size of a coin, in the middle of your hand. I know what it is like to have no hope, to desire death and oblivion, to feel like you are drowning in depression…but God…

So, keep on walking. Make new mistakes. Learn and adapt. It’s only when we learn that we can share our journey with others. 

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We are lost until we are found. Keep walking. Keep seeking. You will be found

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