What to do in bed

Ok, thats sounds a bit dodge…what I actually mean to say is: ‘What to do when you are sick in bed and coughing your lungs out.’

As timing would have it, I’m sick at the moment. So. I’m not whining. (I promise!)


so what to do?

  • Fall into an excellent novel. This is a great time to dive deep into a book.
  • Have a movie festival. Just you and your phone, alone! Watch some quirky films that delight or inspire you.
  • Check out your blog like a visitor. Go google all those nifty little plugins that help to make your website better and more interactive.
  • Dream about your new painting. Yip, that’s me, cant get away from trying out new things in my head. google, google, google. Go see what other artists are doing. Maybe you can use something.
  • Write a blog about being sick…