What is a telltale sign of someone who is a painter? Some physical indications that someone regularly paints.

I am a full time artist. (www.lifeart.co.za) According to my long suffering husband my mind is always on my work.

He takes my hand when we cross roads because I’m generally distracted by other things, and generally just go. I constantly bump into stuff because I’m absent minded. Unless I focus on dressing up I look like a slob. Dressed for comfort. My painting clothes is a farmers overall and shirts with tekkies. I don’t particularly care what people think and go to town and shopping in my painting clothes.

Generally people look and comment on the clothes. They seem to like the idea of an artist walking around. I have been offered money to sell my painting clothes off my body…bit wierd. To me that seems to say that we all have been created with the desire to express ourselves in some crestive way.

When I wake up in the morning and and say to my husband: ‘I’ve been thinking’… His response is generally: ‘ Please stop thinking for a change.’ It not that he doesn’t want me to think. It is more that he wants me to enjoy the moment and not disappear into the mists of business and creativity.

Most good artists need to be left and right brained. You need to think up an idea and then figure out how to do it step by step. It’s not just a case of ‘doing’ art. I also own my own art school. (Learn How To Paint In 32 Days with Expert Advice and Tuition ) As an artist and teacher, I need to be able to think and explain things in an easy and logical matter.

I would say that most good art is based on lots of thinking and experimenting. Artist’s are generally very appreciative of their creative and natural environment. That becomes conducive to deep thinking about why, what and when.

Being an artist is not easy. You need to be creative, a business person, a sales person, take nonsense and rejection from galleries and even people.

We do art because we love what we do. Not because of the money. I generally work 60 hours on a painting. My work week exists out of 3 days painting and 3 days teaching. Nights are for doing admin. Bedtime is about 10pm and up again at 6am.

So, we do what we do because we cannot bear to do anything else. Because we love our world. Because we worship with our art.