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Seeking the Light

Light is more than just emotion. It has symbolic or metaphorical meanings that are often equated with the pairs of Being and Non-Being, primordial chaos and world order. ... Darkness is the mysterious, impenetrable ground and source of light; and light becomes associated with creation. … Continue readingSeeking the Light

What is Encaustic Art?

Encaustica is a finicky and difficult technique to master. Not only do you work with hot wax, and in the process get burned and splattered, you also have to deal with the fumes and heating processes. … Continue readingWhat is Encaustic Art?

Successful Exhibition at ART at Constantia on 12 December

Faking it…The morning of the exhibition I took a long walk with my dogs on the beach. There is nothing like seeing creation to give u a bit of perspective on life, and what is really important. … Continue readingSuccessful Exhibition at ART at Constantia on 12 December

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