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confessions of value

I cannot change the world, I cannot make it better...I am not God. But, I can share the hope that I have in me, a hope and a belief in something better than me. I can share my delight in color and texture and my desire for life more abundantly. I can share the messages downloaded into my heart in the hope that it will touch and bring a flame of life and fire into someone else's darkness. I have been in the pit of despair, I know how that feels. But I also know that life is good, life is worth living. Every breath is a blessing and another moment to change yourself. … Continue readingconfessions of value

Successful Exhibition at ART at Constantia on 12 December

Faking it…The morning of the exhibition I took a long walk with my dogs on the beach. There is nothing like seeing creation to give u a bit of perspective on life, and what is really important. … Continue readingSuccessful Exhibition at ART at Constantia on 12 December

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