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Little Girl With a Brave Heart: Part I

The coffee in my cup has gone cold, but the heat emanating from my hands is enough to trick my mind into thinking that it’s still hot enough to drink. It’s the sheer intensity of the story that causes my palms to feel hot and sweaty. Leonie continues at a pace that leaves me no time to come to terms with her thinking that she was to blame for the death of her stillborn.

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Little Girl With a Brave Heart: Part II

The large painting that now stands behind us is not to be ignored, despite being unfinished. It cradles you in giant, resplendent hands and swallows you up in one, swift, biblical gulp. Leonie catches me marvelling at it and I comment on the religious connotations that weave themselves between the figures she’s painted.

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In this episode you will discover:
How Leonie won and worked on a large art commision,
The key to working successfully with galleries,
What she loves most about being an artist,
What she absolutely dislikes about being an artist,
Why art is important in education and the world around us,
What makes her art school and teaching style so unique,
Which present and past day artists inspire her,
Her views on African art and what we can learn from it,
And more about her life and art vision.

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