Successful Exhibition at ART at Constantia on 12 December

Faking it…

The morning of the exhibition I took a long walk with my dogs on the beach. There is nothing like seeing creation to give u a bit of perspective on life, and what is really important.
I decided that I wanted to enjoy the evening and not stress about sales or what people are saying. Its wonderful to have an exhibition, but the problem is that the ‘opinionated’ comes out of the woodwork and love making snidy comments about what they don’t like or understand. I don’t generally mind it if people ask questions or make comments, but it becomes harder to stay smiling and patient when the nasties come out to party.

At 5pm I was dressed for the occasion and by 6pm I was standing with my glass of wine chatting with the crowd. I had such fun that I didn’t even notice that 3 of the paintings got green dots.
Green dots on a painting means that a prospective buyer had asked for the painting to be put aside for purchase. Awesome! TUJ!

The curator, Lynn Atterbury, totally surprised me with her opening speech. She said: ‘Leonie is one of the most talented and underrated artists in Cape Town. Lets hope that tonight is the turn around for her.’
Thanks Lynn…

Its wonderful when a gallery owner believes in you and your work. I am not my work, but my work is me. Does that make sense?

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