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"Try and count the stars, when the world is out trying to steal your heart, you're meant for something higher ... Did you ever think, life could be this way, that the night could show you grace" Everfound-"Count the Stars"I had the honor of getting to know the most amazing lady this week. You know when you “sort-off” know someone but then you suddenly see them in a new light.

This was one of those moments.

She is just one of those amazing people that looks like the least little wind can blow her over, but underneath the skin is lines of steel and determination. She is one of those quiet people that do not say a lot, but when she does speaks, it is with wisdom.

One of my paintings reminded me of her: https://lifeart.co.za/menu/light-shines-in-the-darkness/

I wish I could say this of all the people I have to deal with on a daily basis. Why do we get so defensive about ourselves? I have always struggled with unfair accusation.

When one person makes an accusation, check to be sure he himself is not the guilty one. Sometimes it is those whose case is weak who make the most clamor. Piers Anthony

My last few weeks, actually the whole of 2016 + 2017 and the beginning of this year has been a wash of accusations. Before I would have adamantly defended myself. Maybe I have had to learn the lesson that an accusation is normally based on the insecurity and immaturity of the other person. If accusations was based on fact and actually discussed between the persons involved, something can actually be learned from it.
Added to that is the awareness that no-one is innocent. Even if all proof points otherwise, I have to take responsibility for what I can.

One accusation you can’t throw at me is that I’ve always done my best. Alan Shearer

Psalm 4:3

Of course, the right thing to do is to go to the person who has accused you and try to reconcile. But reconciliation takes two and the other person has to be willing to listen and take responsibility for his or her part–the accusation. In real life, this doesn’t usually happen because accusers are usually people of great insecurity who lack trust and honest conversation. Accusations fly when someone feels threatened and doesn’t have the conflict skills to go to the person and check things out before coming to a conclusion. Read more…

I was recently reading the Bible when a portion of Nehemiah 6 literally made me laugh out loud. Nehemiah was in the process of rebuilding the wall in Jerusalem, when he found out his enemies were saying all sorts of untrue things about him and his intentions in building the wall.

His reply in verse 8 is awesome: “…Nothing like what you are saying is happening; you are just making it up out of your head.” Seems like an appropriate response when someone is basically lying about you; but in the subsequent verses, the way Nehemiah handled this false accusation is challenging and motivating. Read more…

I must be honest and say that I have had to deal with a lot of anger in my heart. Sometimes the anger still surfaces, especially when a new accusation gets added.

Image result for being tested by God

When we experience the storms of life, we should be like the tree that digs its roots ever more deeply for a greater grip in the earth. We must “dig our roots” more deeply into God’s Word and cling to His promises so we can weather whatever storms come against us. Read more…

The Pressure Test
The pressure test asks the question, “How will you handle stress?” Will you depend on yourself, or will you depend on God?

The People Test
God often uses people in your life to test and stretch and develop your faith. This test asks the question, “How will you handle disappointment?” Life is often disappointing. Careers, marriages, and even plans don’t turn out the way we planned them. But the most disappointing thing in life is people. Why? We get disappointed by people because we expect them to meet a need that only God himself can meet. This is a test! Read more…

Author: leonie@lifeart.co.za

Passionate, expressive, urgent, often using palette knives to scrape and make marks into the paintLeonie's current body of work focus more on romantic abstract landscapes, using thick impasto paint with lots of texture and color. She describes the process of painting as, “passionate, expressive, urgent, often using palette knives to scrape and make marks into the paint”.Her latest work is influenced by the likes of Errol Boyley and William Turner. Dale Elliot, one of South Africa's most beloved painters, called her the 'new Errol Boyley'.For the last few years she has been focusing on establishing herself as a serious investment artist. She describes her current work as “Romantic Turnerism” influenced by the likes of Constable, Turner and South African Artist, Errol Boyley, and Adriaan Boshoff.

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