Re-Birthing an Old Painting: Painting Over an Existing Painting on Canvas


I’m often asked if you could paint over an old painting. The answer is a definite yes!. Not only do you already have a background, but also texture that creates interest.
The only NO is that you cannot paint with acrylic over oil. You can paint with oil over acrylic. 

Some of my best paintings was done over older paintings that either didnt sell, or that I did not think was good enough to send to a gallery.

See the step by step process below.

Step 1: Original painting, never finished. Done as a demo for students of

Step 2: Changing the design. Drawing in dark’s and lights with Burnt Umber and Yellow ocher
Step 4: Experimenting with different colors and brushes. Hogs hair Round
Step 5: Playing around with color and texture

Step 6: Still playing

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