You have my Heart


  • TECHNIQUE – Oil and Cold Wax on Canvas
  • STYLE – Figurative
  • OTHER DETAILS – Fixed support. Ready to hang.
  • GALLERY – Sembach Gallery, Hout Bay

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You fill my heart with Heaven. You flood my world with grace. I know my name is written, With love on every page. I know I’m not rejected, I know You’re not ashamed, Of who You resurrected, Of who You called by name. You’re jealous, jealous, jealous for my heart...
Iron Bell Music
Words by Iron Bell

Jealous for my Heart Oil Painting | Canvas Painting | Custom Oil Painting | Original Art | Original Oil Painting | Wall Décor Arts

Spiritual Insights

If hope gives you wings, forgiveness will get me off the ground...

The Blue Jay Bird

Among the Sioux, Blue Jay represents “double vision,” meaning greater clarity. They interpreted the Jay’s nesting space among the fir and oaks as symbolizing strength, long life, and endurance. It’s a confident and determined bird, both competitive, bold, and earnest, filled with honest curiosity and passion. Blue jays are considered courageous and loyal animals. They are also deeply energetic and determined.

In our lives, we often get hurt by others, physically, mentally, and spiritually. My anger creates stones in my heart. The other person does not care about my hurt. My hurt just hurt me more…and I become someone that hurts others. Maybe I don’t allow them into my life. Maybe I build thick walls and a sharp tongue. Ultimately my unforgiveness changes into anger and bitterness and I start becoming sick in mind and body. My perpetrator walks away free and I am bound by the rocks of my heart,

Forgiveness is not pardoning, condoning, excusing an offense, or forgetting about it. It is also not the same as reconciliation although that can occur as part of the forgiveness process. 

Forgiveness is my choice that sets me free from my chains. 

The chains that anchor me to my rocks of memory. I choose to let go. Forgiveness is the stuff of everyday heroes, the ultimate measure of internal peace.

So courageously, I choose to let go, to let my anger fly free, I choose to forgive and the blue light of the clear skies shines into my heart again. 

If hope gives you wings, forgiveness will get me off the ground.

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Sneak Peak on the Painting

Art Materials

Once I discovered Encaustic Wax Art, I immediately fell in love with the possibilities of this medium. Unfortunately I could not find anyone to teach me, and so began a journey of discovery which is still ongoing. During the search for information, I found out about Cold wax. Because I could not find any local teachers or materials, so I approached one of the local paint manufacturers, and together we created both the encaustic and Cold wax Medium. I love the expressive interaction with this very tactile material. You have to really get in there. In mixing Cold Wax with oils, Ive been able to use the transparency and luminosity of the wax and paint combo to create incredible visual depth.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 127 × 101 cm
Cold Wax

Oil Painting, Canvas Painting, Custom Oil Painting, Original Art, Original Oil Painting, Wall Décor Arts


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