When the Sky Burns

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Encaustic Wax on Board

Commission for a client


120 x 80 cm

Artwork on a supported wooden frame. Ready to hang.


How do you tell the story of war and hope?

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began on Feb. 24, we have been flooded with images and messages coming into our homes and onto our screens.
The world has been captivated by the extraordinary resilience of Ukraine’s people.
The human mind and soul is a beautiful landscape. Even when there is tragedy and death, we find hope in the small things.

My hope and intention with this painting were that it would remind you there is life and beauty all around us.


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  1. leonie@lifeart.co.za

    Tue, Apr 5, 11:57 AM
    to leonie

    Dear Leonie,

    8 years after our trip to South Africa and since then undiminished joy in the painting you brought from a small art café near Calitzdorp, it was time for a new masterpiece for our living room.

    Quick research revealed that in the last time some fantastic works of yours have been created, your talent has even further developed with the focus on new techniques and above all, you meet our taste perfectly.

    So it didn’t take any further conviction that we wanted to let you create a new picture for us. We were very pleasantly surprised from the start, what an intense personal contact it became. From the beginning, we felt very well advised and several draft designs you prepared for us gave us a good choice. In the course of this joint “journey” for over 4 months, you kept us very well informed about the progress of the work and we were always happy about new pictures.

    In the midst of this process, Europe has entered a very gloomy scenario (where I recall Picasso´s Guernica painting), with endless suffering for millions of people and a major threat to the whole of Europe. At this stage, you gave us courage and confidence and offered us help. We are very grateful to you for this. But above all, you showed us that there is also light somewhere in the whole darkness that is surrounding us at the moment. You just have to look for it and recognize it – here it was/is a very kind person at the other end of the world that we have never met personally (which hopefully will change one day).

    Now to the painting: After much anticipation due to the photos we received, we were able to unpack and marvel at the picture yesterday. We are really totally amazed. The dramatic mood of the picture (created especially by the detailed sky, the composition in general and the effects of the shimmer of the wax layers is truly breathtaking. We are glad to have decided on the Encaustic Wax technology and can hardly wait until the picture hangs framed on the wall. It is particularly valuable for us because we were now able to get to know the artist (of undoubtedly international class) as well as the person of Leonie.

    Thank you for everything!
    Heiko, Kristin, Til and Jan (from Germany)

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