Out of Deep Waters


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  • TECHNIQUE – Oil and Encaustic on Canvas
  • STYLE – Abstract Expressionism
  • OTHER DETAILS – Fixed support. Ready to hang.

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Comments from a viewer at Exhibition: All I wanted to do is stand next to your painting the whole night and experience the peace and quiet it made me feel, like I was enveloped in love and peace.’

Art Lovers Insights:

The sailor tells of the perils of the sea; the traveler recounts the varied incidents of his career; and the soldier who has passed through battles and sieges can speak of hairbreadth escapes and moving accidents by flood and field.

So it is with human life. We have the power of looking back; we can in imagination revive the past, and as scene after scene rises before us, our heart is thrilled with various emotions. And what we have experienced and recalled, we can set forth to others.

We are the sum total of our past…but we don’t have to stay there. The past can be the stones on which I lay the foundation of a new future. At some point we need to face the past, we need to drown in our angst, insecurity, pain, worthlessness, alienation, orphan-spirit into the seas of possibilities. Only once I have let go of myself, my pride, my exudes, can I reach the depth where stillness comes.

It is a depth of quiet…I drift and wait. I am not in control. Then that small voice comes, a flicker of hope and life gets inserted into me. I am alive, I am alive, I am alive!


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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 1200 × 1500 mm


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