Jealous for my Heart


Canvas Painting | Custom Oil Painting | Original Art | Original Oil Painting | Wall Décor Arts

  • HANDMADE – Oil painting on canvas, Unframed/Stretched over a wooden frame
  • PACKING –  Shipped in a handbuild box crate.
  • STYLE – Abstract Landscape
  • OTHER DETAILS – Fixed support. Ready to hang.
  • MATERIAL – Professional inks/oil paints, canvas, cold wax hand-painted.
  • SIZE – 127 x 101 cm


You fill my heart with Heaven. You flood my world with grace. I know my name is written, With love on every page. I know I’m not rejected, I know You’re not ashamed, Of who You resurrected, Of who You called by name. You’re jealous, jealous, jealous for my heart...
Iron Bell Music
Words by Iron Bell

Jealous for my Heart Oil Painting | Canvas Painting | Custom Oil Painting | Original Art | Original Oil Painting | Wall Décor Arts

Spiritual Insights

Truth moves me. A warmth arouses my senses...

The endless waves of abrasive self-loathing have left me washed out in a sea of pious hope. Raked, scraped, rasped – raw. Metaphors of mildness tease me with gentle waves and clear hues. Ice azure burns my abraded life. Frigid. I am lost. The measure of who I am, leveled by what I have done. Been done. I give in – adrift. Take me. I know You. Expanding crevices making rifts for shards of clarity to shine in me. Like piercing knives of lucidity, growing to shifting glaciers in the deep canyons of my heart. Truth moves me. You move me. A warmth arouses my senses, it moves like lava within me. I feel you. Valleys rise to meet it and all I am gives over to it. Can you want all of me? Exposed through verglas every etching of my being. None is hidden, desire is pinned to my hope. You want me. All of me. Fire has ravished my heart.

Written by Kim Brown for this Painting

close-up detail of painting
I have learned that an Attitude of Gratitude defeats death every time.

This painting started its life as a reject. Just like me. It was ugly, dull and turned with its face to the wall. In everything that happened to me, in all the things I have experienced in my life (read about my story), God has always been there. No, I did not always know or recognized, or appreciate Him. But he saved me many times from sure death.

I always listen to podcasts and music whilst painting. A song by the group Iron Bell, just pulled at my heart. 

He was jealous of my love. It did not matter what I did, what I tried, and why I tried it…He patiently waited on me to turn to Him. 

Is Jealousy a sign?

Jealousy is a sign of love. A sign of wanting attention from the one you love and desire. Jealousy comes from a place of scarcity, it also can come from a place of wanting more for yourself. It comes from a place of total and absolute commitment and wanting that commitment reciprocated. 

Loves tastes like color

Reciprocated love is like the perfect taste and blend of color and texture. Together they make a harmonious whole. Love perfectly and unselfishly given, creates wholeness in me. Click To Tweet

Unique love

There is only one of me. There is only one of you…no more. My life, my thoughts my talents, my heart, are unique. There is no carbon copy, no other fingerprint-like mine. That makes me (and you) unique.

Insight Into the Artist

On my Easel

'I am a wandering eye poet, an eclectic color fanatic. I want my paintings to leap off the wall and overwhelm you with their tactile, chocolate thick, color and texture.'

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out of deep waters

'I am a wandering eye poet, an eclectic color fanatic. I want my paintings to leap off the wall and overwhelm you with their tactile, layered, chocolate thick, color and texture.' Leonie.e.Brown Artist

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Sneak Peak on her Technique

Sneak Peak behind the latest magic of Leonie.e.Brown Artist. The surface of the painting is made up of layers of oils, inks and wax, which gives the finished work a three dimentional quality. A sense of seeing through the top layer into hidden messages and layers below. The layering gives...

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Sneak Peak on the Painting

Art Materials

Once I discovered Encaustic Wax Art, I immediately fell in love with the possibilities of this medium. Unfortunately I could not find anyone to teach me, and so began a journey of discovery which is still ongoing. During the search for information, I found out about Cold wax. Because I could not find any local teachers or materials, so I approached one of the local paint manufacturers, and together we created both the encaustic and Cold wax Medium. I love the expressive interaction with this very tactile material. You have to really get in there. In mixing Cold Wax with oils, Ive been able to use the transparency and luminosity of the wax and paint combo to create incredible visual depth.

Artsy Thoughts

Currently Reading: Traditional Oil Painting by Virgil Elliott

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Liza Traut
Liza Traut
I am so grateful to have won this painting to celebrate our new home. The painting has quickly become a focus of conversation, that we have decided it must go into our entrance room. The paints deepth and colour draws you in. You can't help, but stand in front of it allowing your eye to travel from texture, colour and depth. A comment made by one viewer - was that if the painting was larger it would swallow you in, your imagination would make you wonder deep into that forest. That what I love most about Leonie's work. The paints make you stop, capture you in the details and texture, and everyone is taken to a different place. Thank you
Tracy-Leigh Jaap
Tracy-Leigh Jaap
Belinda Mesecke
Belinda Mesecke
Leonie is a natural born teacher. She just can't help herself! Even when your'e just popping in for a visit. She has this amazing eye, and years and years of accumulated experience in creating art and teaching art. Her own work is robust, textured, layered in both technique and meaning, vibrant and full of life and hope. Her creativity explodes on the canvas, and calls to one to look deeper. Her use of colour is extraordinary, experimental, and bold. It indulges the eye in layers of luxury.
ryan jaap
ryan jaap
Taken on an amazing journey by this faithful artist and teacher. An amazing gift (not just the paintings!) “Art is so much more...if you allow it to be! Love art, love creative minds and talents, see the heart revealed, love the creator!”

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