Graves into Gardens


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Canvas Painting | Custom Oil and Wax Painting | Original Art | Original Oil Painting | Wall Décor Arts

  • TECHNIQUE – Encaustic Wax Oil painting on Canvas, glued to a wooden frame.
  • PACKING: Shipped in a handbuild box crate
  • STYLE – Romantic Abstracted Landscape
  • OTHER DETAILS – Fixed support. Ready to hang.
  • SIZE – 127 x 101 cm

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Hope. Its a powerful emotion. It’s in every corner of Leonie’s paintings, in every layer and in every stroke.
Leonie.e.Brown Artist

Art Lover Insights

Spiritual Meaning

Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future

Everything we do begins in the mind with a thought. If we want to change anything in our lives we first have to change and heal our minds and thinking.

Dr. Caroline Leaf

This painting is about the promise of life after death. The death of hope, the trauma of life, the memory of hardship. A life lived in the darkness where no light can be seen. There was a time in my life where I was in that place, a deep cave with no hope. I know what it feels like to invite death. To hope that death will fetch you around the next corner. I know what it feels like to be alone. 

This painting is an invitation to live!

Life so abundant so flowing so free, that it becomes like a lifeblood. Out of a place of nothing comes the promise of an abundance of more, of better of hope.

Not just an instant hope, but a continual hope. A hope full of water, to less the thirst, of shadeprotection from the sun, of fruit and life, a provision in darkness and drought.

"Sitting in that place of darkness doesn’t bring healing. Regurgitating that pain and the healing that came from it out on the canvas helps. And, it might be able to help somebody, somehow, subliminally, to realize there’s is something more for them than this place they are in right now. I don’t want to help people sit in prison, I want to help people get out of the prison of their emotions. I want to create something where somebody can look at it, and if they have gone through the same experience, it brings hope. Hope that they too can heal.”

Colour Meaning

Red is the first color that humans perceive, after black and white. It’s the color that babies see first before any other and the first that those suffering from temporary color blindness after a brain injury start to see again. Red’s dominance is even reflected in how colors are defined: although different societies developed their names for colors at different times and in different ways, almost all of them named them in the same order. With only a few exceptions, the order of labeling colors was generally black first, white second, red third, and then green, yellow and blue.

Scientists have posited that societies developed names for colors according to which ones they had the strongest reaction to. This means that humans, supposedly much like bulls, have had strong feelings about the color red for thousands of years. Over time, red has come to symbolize power, love, vigor, and beauty. Do you want to know why?

Take a journey with me through history to discover the surprising story of the world’s most powerful color…Originally red was a very expensive and difficult color to produce, therefore, it was worn only by the wealthy. 

When the Spaniards landed in Mexico in the 1500s they discovered textiles dyed vivid red. In Europe, the substances used for to make red dye (madder and kermes) produced a weaker, browner hue. The Aztec’s secret was cochineal, a small bug that was scraped off cactuses, dried, and then crushed. The Spaniards soon set up an extensive trading system to export cochineal to Europe, where it became a (red) hot commodity. 

In Medieval times, synthetic vermilion was as costly as gold leaf. Thus it was used only for the most important aspects of illuminated manuscripts, while less costly red lead was used for red letters within the text.

In the Bible, the Hebrew word for red is Oudem. Its actual meaning is “red clay”. Thus, it is the root word for mankind as stated in the Bible.

Red symbolizes the blood of Redemption and sacrifice. The Bible states that life is in the blood. So red is sometimes used as a symbol for life. Red is the color that represents fervent love as in the love of God for us or our love for Him. Fire is said to be red hot so red may represent the fire of God that purges and purifies. Additionally, red represents courage and war or warfare. Red is often referred to as a Power color. 

Insight Into the Artist


In this episode you will discover: How Leonie won and worked on a large art commision, The key to working successfully with galleries, What she loves most about being an artist, What she absolutely dislikes about being an artist, Why art is important in education and the world around us,...

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Seeking the Light Part 1 of 2

Overall, my art is treated as an exclusive message to my audience. Every painting, whether realistic or abstract, is uniquely destined for the viewer who will recognize the message as his or her own. Each picture is a little glimpse of heaven, a moment in which the Creator speaks a...

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A Chat with The Artist

Weeping might last all night, but JOY comes in the morning. A very personal and close interview with the artist. Learn more about her story and why she paint what she does.

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Sneak Peak on a Painting

Art Materials

Once I discovered Encaustic Wax Art, I immediately fell in love with the possibilities of this medium. Unfortunately I could not find anyone to teach me, and so began a journey of discovery which is still ongoing. During the search for information, I found out about Cold wax. Because I could not find any local teachers or materials, so I approached one of the local paint manufacturers, and together we created both the encaustic and Cold wax Medium. I love the expressive interaction with this very tactile material. You have to really get in there. In mixing Cold Wax with oils, Ive been able to use the transparency and luminosity of the wax and paint combo to create incredible visual depth.

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