THE INSPIRING STORY OF LEONIE E BROWN - Award Winning South African Fine Artist

‘Our paths crossed a few years ago in South Africa. I had seen a YouTube video of Leonie explaining her fascination for colour, paint and art. I was hooked.

Her animated gesture and expertise resonated and I decided to find out more about her. To my delight, she lived close to my parents’` home so on my next visit to South Africa I enrolled in one of her courses.

I have since been back to learn from her a few times and I am so happy she agreed to be my guest this week.’ (Sonja Smallheer –

In this episode you will discover:

  • why she decided to study art,
  • how art saved her life and gave her words,
  • that there was a period in her life that she was afraid to paint,
  • the motivation behind her painting,
  • what techniques she loves to use,
  • how she approaches her creative process,
  • the key to working successfully with galleries,
  • more about her favourite commissions.

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