One of the 3 best experiences in my life.

I have had three amazing encounters/experiences in my life:
1. Diving with a Whale shark of Mozambique
2. Diving with Manta Rays also off Mozambique
and the third one……
3. Touching and swimming with Stingrays in the Cayman Islands!

What amazing animals. Intelligent, curious, eyes like a cat and loves being touched.

As you all know by now, I was invited to teach in the Cayman Islands in January this year, and this was one of the best experiences I had in my life.

Hubby was amazing, he skin dived down to 40 feet. That is an amazing depth equivalent of a 5 storey building!
I managed a humble 30 feet (had problem with decompression and ears) which is about a 3 storey building. I was quite impressed with myself under the circumstances. Hubby loooooves being in the water, and I am hoping to make enough with art this year (thank you God) to be able to take him somewhere else in the world.

I have a really good husband.


God willing, things will work out. Hubby normally pays all our debits out of his salary and I look after food, dogs, medical, and any emergency stuff like cars etc. Holidays gets paid by the art. So hopefully this year will be my breakthrough year. If I can keep working and selling through this financial time, things will be great once the economical crises comes to an end.
Maybe we will even be able to afford to buy our own house…with a PROPER studio….that will be heaven.

I have started painting, yes…I hear the chorus of cheers…thank you, thank you…nod, nod. I still need a breakthrough for myself. Hubby says the issue is me, not my art. I doubt myself and my abilities. But the honest truth is people…I really think I am pretty average. I know good art when I see it, and their is a difference between good art and brilliant art. I am just good, and I am fine with that. I am a brilliant teacher, but only a good artist. Maybe i’m wrong, but that is truly what I know of myself.

Anyway the point is, Im painting and that is what I must be happy with.

PS. A special hallo to Thereza, thanks for all the letters. Love reading them.


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