On my easel: Today…relationships and galleries

Managed to get 8 hours of painting in today, from 10am to 6pm. Good day for painting as it was raining the whole day, and freezing cold in the studio. Had to Some good friends came to visit while I was painting. 
I actually love that people come and chat with me while I am painting. Generally I listen to music or to interesting talks on the internet. At the moment I am listening to David Pawson, one of my favourites. 
People often ask how I decide what to paint. I sort of play with ideas in my head the whole time. I’m always thinking about possible paintings. Whenever I’m driving to teach a class or just seeing a specific colour. Creation is so beautiful, how can we not be inspired by what we see?
So, at the moment…I’m busy with an abstract and this landscape. Nice big canvass, 120 x 150. Good size for a lounge.
I went to drop some paintings at Lindi van Niekerk Gallery  and RED the Gallery on Wednesday. Had great coffee and a chat with Lindi. Its great to deal with a gallery owner that is actually interested and encouraging towards the artist. A good relationship between the gallery and the artist is essential. If I feel the gallery is not really interested in me as a person, I tend to not be that interested in giving them my latest work. 
The relationship between a gallery and an artist is like a marriage. It shouldn’t only be good when the artist are doing well. It should be for the good, the bad and the ugly. The gallery that sticks with the artist through the dry times will reap the benefits during the good times.