Abstracting Turner

A series on Turner…

I have decided to try an experiment using the works of William Turner, whilst continuing to do my Romantic Impressionistic Landscapes. My use of colour has been influenced by Turner for quite a while. It was just one though process further to look at abstract- tifying some of his work into my own style.

Joseph Mallord William Turner, (1851) was an English Romanticist landscape painter,water-colourist, and printmaker. Turner was considered a controversial figure in his day, but is now regarded as the artist who elevated landscape painting to an eminence rivalling history painting. Although renowned for his oil paintings, Turner is also one of the greatest masters of British watercolour landscape painting. He is commonly known as “the painter of light” and his work is regarded as a Romantic preface to Impressionism. Some of his works are cited as examples of abstract art prior to its recognition in the early twentieth century.

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