Madness! Waiting for tomorrow

Im again, updating my website. But this time there is reason behind the madness.

It takes me forever to do all the updates on Social media, so I decided to streamline things a little bit. If I can include my blog inside my website it would be so much easier to update everything. So therefor this madness on the eve of my exhibition.

Yes, tomorrow is the long awaited exhibition. Four years of drought and now finally exposed again. I don’t know if I should chew of my nails or pull out my hair. It has been a mad rush to get everything finished. I have not even had time to see my horse or go for a ride. My¬†poor dogs hasn’t been on the beach for days and is constantly whining at my feet. My mother-in-law is cooking out of desperation because all I am doing is sitting in front of the computer! Madness!


After tomorrow it will either be champagne or slit wrist time (not really). Hold thumbs and pray for me…