I thought Id get personal

Since this is my personal blog, I thought Id get personal.

Hmm, been thinking a lot on the past. I cannot say that I had a boring life, definitely not. There is some things that I wish I could change. Some people I’d love to say: ‘I’m sorry’ too…some things I wish I did differently.
But, we were all young and stupid, good looking and selfish.

Sometimes I wish our lives were like Benjamin Button’s. Get born old and die young. How great would it be to have the wisdom of age but the strength of youth. In our 20s and 30s life seems to stretch before us into eternity. There is still time to do all the things we dream of.

When I hit 40, I realised that the stretch before me might be shorter than the stretch behind me. One can hide from your past and your hurts for only so long, and then u have to deal with it. I suppose its like an onion (Men don’t seem to be that complicated?) You deal with what you can when you can. I believe in God, so that helped me through a lot of my past issues.

The thing is…now i love my life. I love what I do. That I can paint and teach and ride my horse when I want to, That I am married to an amazingly, gentle, kind and supportive man. (famous hubby)

I only got married when I was 37. My husband was 34. First man I married after being engaged and running away after x 4 failed engagements. I never though I’d get married, never though any man would want me with my broken past


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