How ridiculous does it need to get?

The world seem to be confused about the state of art. Have we have lost track of what art is meant to be.

The more I read about what is going on the more confusing it seems to get. Everyone has their own opinion about what it is meant to be. I believe it doesn’t really matter what it is as long as it is to the benefit of the people looking at it, uplifting, amazing and making one a better person. Is it art if I make u feel threatened or if it is all about worshipping myself? I could worship my own insecurity, sexuallity etc. What is the point of that. Is it not a form of self idolatry?

So is art then just a platform I am using to spill my guts, my vomit at your feet?

Whether it is growing vegetables for art, carrying around some object…the purpose should be to good, not for self aggrandisation or making a statement for the sake of a statement, I do not belive in using porography, mutilation, schock value, self exposure etc has anything to do with creating something that puts the viewer in a better state.

My personal believe is that my job as an artist is to point out the good and the better. To make something that gives pleasure to the senses. To make life a place of adventure and beauty. To create something that will not call my fellow men to stumble. To make something that is not about me but about something bigger and better than me. To make the viewer look up, have peace and hope. To create something that gives a feeling of “yes!’. 

Life is for the living. Like everything else we focus so much on the bad that the good does not seem to matter. We worship the news, the rapes, the deaths. We worship our own pain and disgust.

None of that will change this world.

We celebrate the overcomers…the against all odds kinda people. The “Sea Biscuits”, “Bilbo Baginnses” and “The Martian” of this world. We love reading their stories and are inspired by it. Why not the same in art?

So why did all this come about? I got a bit of a shock when I read an article send to be by on the use of witchcraft, and worse, as an artform.

  • Witchcraft researcher and artist Horgan presents her findings in the form of sculptures, films, performances, and lectures. Her video Mechttthild(2015), exhibited recently in “Neo-###-###-Witch!” at Evelyn Yard in London, takes the writings of the medieval mystic Mechthild of Magdeburg as its starting point. Mechthild was feared for her ecstatic, sexual communions with God, and punished for it. Horgan has unearthed other suppressed histories, particularly those relating to the Scottish witch hunts……

Read the following article and make your own conclusions.. Id love to hear from you guys. Please feel free to pass this blog on to others whether you agree or disagree.