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Why should you buy my art?

I see light in the darkness.

My art inspires creativity in the viewer and will transform your soul. It will touch the dark, hidden places, and whisper of hope and possibilities


Commissions are normally based on previous paintings the client has seen but has been sold.
A new painting can be made, but each painting will be different due to the nature of the medium.

The payment structure is based on 33% of the price upfront. This will cover all materials and is non-refundable.

33% halfway through the project.

33% on pickup by the courier.


Installments are available over 3 months.

The client may receive the painting after final proof of payment has been received. 

The payment structure is based on 33% of the price on the 1 day of the first month. This will be non-refundable.

33% on the 1st day of the second month

33% on the 1st day of the third month.

On reception of the final payment, the client can fetch or be sent the painting at no extra cost. 

Transport Fees

Transportation fees in South Africa, as well as International up to R1000.00 or $100, is included when the client buys directly from the artist.

If the price exceeds the amount the client will be responsible for the difference.

All art will be bubble wrapped and placed in a specially build box. The art can not be rolled due to the materials used.

No art should be hung in excessive temperatures. 

Return Policy

No art should be hung in excessive temperatures. An encaustic paint film is stable in a temperature range of approximately 40-120°F. Wax is more fragile in the cold and becomes extremely brittle in freezing temperatures. If you would drop the painting is cold temperatures it will shatter. The paintings will begin to shift at 120°F.

If the client is found to be responsible for damages due to negligence, they will be held responsible for the financial costs of fixing and transportation of the painting.

If the painting is found to be faulty due to negligence by the artist or due to material faults, the artist will fix the painting at her own cost. 

Studio Visits

Studio visits are from Tuesdays to Thursdays from 10 am to 4 pm on appointment only.

Potential clients and Art Lovers are welcome to come in for a cup of coffee and a chat and watch Leonie work on her latest piece.

You can also follow her progress online through Instagram. She generally posts her latest updates twice weekly.

Arty Thoughts is an expression of her thought processes through tweets, with some art lessons thrown in. 


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Customer Reviews

Am Weinburg is a world-class luxury hotel in the middle of Windhoek, Namibia.

Leonie was commissioned by the hotel to paint three 1800 x 1200 cm large-format paintings for the foyer.

The paintings took three months to complete. 

The Hotel caters for exclusive guests both local and international.

Pam Topham

Leonie Brown is a amazing artist who brings the most ordinary to life -opening and taking one's heart on the "deep and beautiful work of soul making"


All I wanted to do is stand next to your painting the whole night and experience the peace and quiet it made me feel like I was enveloped in love and peace.

Hannarie Jordaan

Exquisite work! Fragility, vulnerability, cleansing, beauty.

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