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Eye of the beholder: Exhibition at Bright Street Gallery

Through her gorgeous, ethereal paintings, artist Leonie.e.Brown creates a tangible representation of the spiritual. To her, this is always uplifting and full of hope— The artist reflects the relationship between faith and life and between the real and the imaginary on the various levels and surfaces of the painting. one that can be experienced, but never formed into a thought.

The surface of the painting is made up of layers of oils, inks and wax, which give the finished work a three dimensional quality. A sense of seeing through the top layer into hidden messages and layers below. The layering give the work a softness and richness that invites the viewer to look closer and to experience the satin smooth surface through touch,. The wax layers get more and more translucent through the warmth emanating from the exploring human hand. The viewers becomes a part of the slow change and clarity of the painting…as if the message is rising from the depth of the hidden soul to the surface of the mind There is a strange ethereal beauty in these paintings, as if they were made from air.

With her works of art, Brown excites her spectators with courageous colors, bold brushstrokes, and non concrete nuances – her works are, simply put, a burst of explosive energy. However, it is not just all about aesthetics. Her paintings tell a remarkable, personal story that she hopes will inspire her audiences. A self-professed “wandering eye poet, texture worshiper, and eclectic color fanatic”, Brown’s raw talent and adaptability have resulted in her proliferating success that she considers with a sense of pride but also that of deep humility.

“My work is about a very specific message to a specific viewer. I see myself as a glorified postmaster. However, the work itself is a unique hybrid of painting and wax.”


The conceptual basis for Brown’s artwork lends itself to the sprawling, expressionistic, abstract compositions she painstakingly labors over. Here, deep blues, golds, emerald greens, and vibrant pigments converge into visual splendor, reminiscent of the rising sun over a tumultuous sea. Brown makes a conscious choice to explore the hopeful side of life, rather than mirroring what seems to be wrong in the world.

“My art is a protest against mindless nihilism. I try to let my work contrast and offer an alternative to the dark aspects of life, rather than commenting on them explicitly. It’s about living in the moment and enjoying that moment. Sucking the marrow out of the bone…It’s about choosing NOT to live within the Greek mindset, but to access and choose to live out of the spirit, and not of the mind. 
I believe our spirits and not our minds, define who we are and reflect a lot about humans and their behavior towards themselves and others. ”


Above all, Brown wants to evoke emotions through her painting—hopefully this speaks to your inner self, but as long you feel something, her goal has been achieved.

Brown write that her paintings explore “the ever ­present light and hope that it outside of ourselves.”
Her paintings still is and always was an outlet for emotions, and a peaceful place where the viewer can rest and contemplate for a while. Her work continues to move her in new directions. The creative process becomes an expression of her state of mind as well as a journey into new physical, experimental and spiritual possibilities.

I had to make conscious choice of how and what I want to experience in life and in this world. We all have pasts, histories, things we want to forget, but those things also shaped us. It makes us who we are. I do not want to focus on what happened, but how it shaped me. We can all choose to be shaped for the better or the worse.


Her hope is that the viewer would see the message as personal to themselves. A message that touches them in the inner heart, a heart, mind and spiritual experience.

Each painting is meticulously planned before it reaches the canvass. She paints (almost) every day. She does not believe that her personal feeling must dictate her work ethic. Even though her messages are emotional and spiritual, the painting process is not dependent on that emotion. She stays to her time table of working a full day.

She has already been painting for 20 years and became a full time professional painter in 2004. Leonie believes and specializes in the technical side of understanding her materials, and has already created and sold over 400 paintings since 2004.

“I’m driven to continually experiment and try new mixes and materials. My passion for art and what I do is what keeps me coming back to the studio. I find the encaustic medium absolutely fascinating, watching the paint changes as you heat it up. I love the unpredictable nature of Encaustica and that eternal search for the perfectly smooth and translucent finish. Encaustic art is pure alchemy.”


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