Exhibition at The Bay Hotel In Camps bay on 10 December 2008

The exhibition was organised by Elske Henderson which took over the gallery from Rose Korber. Rose had the gallery in the Bay Hotel for 18 years and was very well known under the hoi-polloi or elite in Camps Bay.

I have never seen so much money mingling in one one place. And there we were…the poor and cashless from Melkbos, hobnobbing with the rich and credited. The food was great, the wine was fantastic and the venue the best Ive ever been in. Lots of space, fantastic light and good art.

Me, little average artist, hanging next to William Kentridge, Hardy Botha and Christo Coetzee. There was some really fantastic work out there. I actually felt that I did not belong there at all. My pretty little art pieces, nice easy little pictures next to good work.

Of course I didn’t sell anything. I will be pleasantly surprised if I do. The exhibition is supposed to hang till end January…so maybe some rich foreign tourist would like some pretty landscape as a memento in his study.

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