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I am an Award-Winning Artist & Teacher and the founding owner of Lifeart School & Academy. I have been sharing my passion for art with my students for over 20 years, and am also a professional and international selling artist. I am passionate about the role of the artist as a bringer of hope and life to the community.

I aim to make thoughtfully created visual art that tells my and your story. To speak to the abused, the down-trodden, the hopeless, the lost, the lonely, the shamed, the orphan and the abandoned.

We are really totally amazed. The dramatic mood of the picture (created especially by the detailed sky, the composition in general and the effects by the shimmer of the wax layers is truly breathtaking

Heiko, Kristin, Til and Jan



All I wanted to do is stand next to your painting the whole night and experience the peace and quiet it made me feel like I was enveloped in love and peace.’


Cape Town


Artist Statement


Seeking the Light

My work is a symbolic and fantasized reality of the soul. Each painting gets designed and developed with a specific message in mind.

The message is meant to make the viewer think and question their deepest fears and belief systems.

Each painting move your thoughts and emotions, and evoke and re-create a specific time or incident. An exact individual moment of pain and memory that will be recognised and identified by the viewer. An elusive memory-moment of trauma that is hidden and deliberately forgotten. The moment that shame came in and changed your life.

It’s meant to ask the question: If this is what I fear, what do I believe in?

It becomes possible, to not only simply create a painting, but a moment. In that moment of identification, a myriad of possibilities opens up. Does the viewer choose to lower their eyes and walk away? Do I look at this moment and recognise it for what it is? Do I admit the shame and choose to look at it and face it?

This is the moment of self-truth. The moment we all run away from. The darkness we hide in the cupboard of the past.

At that exact moment of identification, I want you, the viewer, to move from observation to emotional participation. To see beyond the obvious to the subtle and hidden message that captures something eternally unique.

The moment of your destruction was also the moment of your birth.

That which was meant to destroy can become that which makes you unique and beautiful. That which was hidden in darkness can come into the light.

And…the light is beautiful. It shines with life.

I’m trying to help you to discover beauty in the darkness of what life can be. To see beyond the distraction of the conspicuous to capture the unique self and tell the story that will catch your heart and break it to pieces, so that your heart can be restored to a new life.

Hope awakens. Out of the night arrives forth the light.

My art is a message to you. A message of hope and possibilities. I’m painting the past but pointing to the possible future.

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