Blown away

I just came back from Namibia and my mind has been blown. Not only by he awesome beauty of this world, but also by the goodness of an awesome God. Yes…I’m saying GOD on the internet, because that is what I believe in and why I paint. No more trying to be PC and not offend anyone.

Ok, ok…I’m not going to become a bible basher and talk about weird spiritual things, but I have to tell about the things I saw and experienced for myself.

Hubby and I went up to Namibia as part of a group to go and help out in some of the really poor areas of the country. We went to a place called Aussenkia (don’t know about spelling) were people live in reed huts with nothing else. It is a town that exsists because of the export of table grapes. During season up to 30 000! migrant workers live there. After the picking season they leave behind them woman infected with aids, orphans who live like feral children on non- existent rubbish.

These children get treated like animals and rape and abuse is a daily lifestyle for them. These are the people we worked with.

Without going into too much detail, we saw a few people healed from back, neck and all kinds of other aches and pains. Prayed for another with TB, saw another healed of bad asthma (she had to use a pump every 20 min) After 5 hours she was still not using the pump and her lungs felt clear.

I am by nature a skeptic and a cynic.

I have gone through too much abuse in my life as well. I do not easily get convinced when people tell me they are healed. I need to see it for myself. These were not psycho somatic symptoms, they were real.

I was convinced.

I came back with a new mindset. How grateful we should be for what we have. Not bemoaning the state of the international financial crises? Life is MORE than just money and survival. I am not trying to be all holy smoley. We have also struggled in the last year. Living hand to mouth, but what I saw there made me realize; We are still rich.

We are healthy, we work, we eat, we have a roof over our heads, we might have debt, but we are still able to pay it off and life a simple life. I can paint, I can teach, I can sing, I can write, I have lots of friends….what more is there to want?

A better car, house, overseas holidays…no!

This life is good, and there is a good God that provides for all our needs. Not necessarily our wants, but every need.

We had no money to go to Namibia, yet God provided. We were fully sponsored, we didn’t pay a sent.

Is that not a miracle in itself?


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