Gerhard Richter

Artistic Schizophrenia

This post is by regular contributing writer, John P. Weiss.  John is an artist and writer living in Northern California. He studied landscape painting extensively with Scott L. Christensen and served as editorial cartoonist with several newspapers. John is also a retired police chief with over 26 years of law enforcement experience.

German artist Gerhard Richter is 85 years old and holds the auction record for work by a living European artist.

One of Richter’s huge, abstract oils sold for over $46 million at a Sotheby’s London Buyers auction in February 2015. Not bad for a guy still painting in his eighth decade.

 What’s fascinating about Richter is the diversity of his work. His signature style involves abstract works created on paper, canvas, panels and aluminum. He uses specially designed squeegees to paint with.



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