Artist Statement

Artist Statement

Leonie has always had a natural talent for art, with her teachers in school often presuming that her parents were assisting her. However, her artistic inclinations were rooted in personal trauma from her childhood. Determined to explore her creativity, Leonie pursued a Fine Art degree at Potchefstroom University, where she won numerous national awards, including the prestigious Volkskas (now ABSA) Atelier.

Leonie’s artistic journey has been marked by numerous achievements and recognition within the art world. From 1985 to 2023, she has participated in various international competitions, solo and group exhibitions, further solidifying her credibility and relevance. In 2023, Leonie was honoured to be featured as one of the Top 10 Artists by Artling and as a Featured Artist in Artsy Shark. Additionally, her talent has been celebrated through numerous accolades, including First Prize in the Potchefstroom Talent Festival (1986), the Volkskas Atelier (now ABSA) Winner of Painting Category (1985), the Gregoire Boonzaaier Art Bursary First Prize (1985), and placements in the top 10 nationally in the Total Exhibition for Young Artists (1986), among others.

After completing her studies, Leonie took a decade-long hiatus from painting as she focused on her own healing journey. It was during this time that she found the strength to overcome her trauma, eventually marrying a wonderfully supportive and understanding husband. Reinvigorated, Leonie returned to painting in 2000, diving back into her artistic practice with newfound purpose.

Leonie’s work is greatly influenced by the color and life of Vincent van Gogh, whose desire to do good and search for vitality is reflected in his amazing use of color. She is also deeply inspired by the Abstract Expressionists, such as Karel Appel, and their use of thick, textured paint to convey movement and a sense of musical tonality, akin to the work of Wassily Kandinsky. Leonie’s own love of music, as she plays the guitar, mouth organ, and sings, further infuses her paintings with a lyrical and emotive quality.

Through her vibrant and expressive narrative art, Leonie now aims to inspire women who have had to go through and overcome their adversities. Her paintings are a celebration of the journey towards healing, forgiveness, and embracing an abundant life filled with creativity and appreciation for the natural world.

Leonie employs a diverse array of mixed media techniques to achieve depth, texture, and translucency in her work. Cold wax allows her to build up thick, tactile layers that invite viewers to experience the art through touch. Resin enables her to thin out pigments, resulting in luminous passages that reveal underlying truths. Gestural ink applications produce gossamer veils, hinting at the emergence of new life. This harmonious blend of materials and textures invites contemplation on the transformative power of art.

At the core of Leonie’s artistic practice is her personal philosophy rooted in positivity and forgiveness as pathways to an abundant life. Having faced her own struggles, she finds solace in creating narrative art and interacting with horses. Her work encourages others to reflect deeply on their life experiences while finding strength through self-expression and connection with the natural world. Leonie’s paintings embody the idea that adversity can give way to growth, healing, and a profound appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us.

Two horses grazing in a green field early morning"
Artist painting abstract landscape in studio with dog companion

Curriculum Vitae



  • New Visionary Online Competition Magazine, Issue 10


  • Top 10 Abstract Artists: Artsy Shark


  • CFA Artist of the Month Contest, USA
  • Boldbrush International Competition, USA


  • Boldbrush International Competition


  • Boldbrush International Competition



  • Freshly Brought, Wellington, 
  • Meerendal Art Gallery, Meerendal Wine Estate, Durbanville, CT 
  • Winter Life Exhibition, Fish hoek, CT
  • Boldbrush August Competition: * Voted









Before 2006

  • Potchefstroom Talent festival
  • Rolfes Impressions
  • National Volkskas Atelier * Winner in Fine Art Category
  • Total Exhibition for Young Artists * Top 30
  • Potchefstroom Art Festival
  • Lichtenburg Art Festival
  • V & A Waterfront, CT
  • Desire Resnick Art Gallery, CT

Work History

2004 – Current

Art Teacher and Sole Proprietor of LifeArt School and Studio

Full time Professional National and International Artist


Teacher + Graphic Designer
Sterns Visual Display Manager
Clicks Design agency 2IC
PnP Design Agency
Various Design Agencies


Potchefstroom University
Degree / BA(FA) + Diploma in Teaching


Fine Artist Specialising in Cold Wax, Oils, Inks and Mixed Media

Encaustic Artist Specialising in Hot wax, Shellac, Inks

Art Teacher

Blog Writer

Motivational Public Speaker