Art Exhibition with Ann and Anthony Gadd at Meerendal Gallery

Art at Meerendal Gallery is proud to announce that we will be having an exclusive Ann and Anthony Gadd Exhibition on Thursday 1 June from 6pm til 10pm.

Ann and Anthony Gadd have been painting together for over 15 years. Not only have this unusual couple managed to work together, stay married for over 30 years, but now they will also be exhibiting together at the Meerendal gallery. As Ann, jokes: “Yes, we’re ewenited in art and life!”

However, these amazing artists’ work is as diverse as their personalities. Ann’s sense of humor (she calls herself a court-jester), gets reflected in her quirky and socially loved ‘sheep’ series. After 15 years in advertising, tired of having the wool pulled over her eyes and looking at the greener grass on the art side, she opted out and into owning a health store, book-writing, being an alternative practitioner, journalism and painting quirky sheep paintings, as well as running art workshops and becoming the SA National Board-sailing Champion (in her spare-time), in between being a mother to her two children and several animals, (but no sheep). She is, in her art, the caught gesture / court jester, using humour to focus on many of the foibles of our human experience. She has exhibited numerous times both locally and internationally. Ann is also the author of 20 published books, some of which have been translated across 14 different languages.

Anthony Gadd loves to paint. His days start at 6:00am every morning at their West Coast studio, (20km from Cape Town). Coffee, enthusiasm and passion, somehow get the magic to flow from his hands onto the canvas.

“By 6:30 I’m at my easel along with my favourite tools – canvas, watercolour, acrylics and conté chalks. My style has been described as loose, bold and expressive which I tend to agree with. I treasure the ‘happy accident’ which brings gesture and freshness to the piece. I believe creativity is the ‘clock spring’ of life. Whether you create a business empire or a salad, the process of creating is what energises and drives us. The journey during each creation is so compelling, that the process simply drives itself”

Come join us for some court-jestingly good wine, food, laughter and great art.