A slice of the big apple

I accidently discovered this stunning artist on internet whilst doing research on encaustic art. https://www.dalerobertsencaustic.com/


Dear Dale I accidently discovers ur video on YouTube whilst trying to learn more about encaustic. I am a full time artist and art teacher living in Cape Town, South Africa. What struck me was that u spoke about ur faith. We r also Christians and the art I make is also about God and His creation. Ur welcome to have a look at: www.lifeart.co.za.

I accidently discovered encaustic a few months ago. There wasn’t anything available or anyone available to teach me. I approached a scientist that makes oil paints and together we developed a cold wax medium that u can paint with, without heating it up. I never knew that u could mix the wax with the paint and have been doing it as an experiment. Got beautiful results.

Guess my surprise when I saw ur video and realized that we work in the same manner. Ànyway, I love ur work and just wanted to introduce myself as a fellow wax painter and believer. It is so nice to see someone making beauty and not focusing on political or shock value painting Hope to hear from u sometime. Best wishes fr the season and may God bless u and ur family.

Dear Leonie,

Thank you so much for your encouraging words, and taking the initiative to write. What a joy to hear from another believer in the art world who also has an affinity for wax! My web email has a rather circuitous system for responding on my end and is the usual culprit for a tardy response.Having a new Springer Spaniel puppy on hand doesn’t help matters… I took a few moments to look at your site and was handsomely rewarded! What fine and visceral work …..and for the glory of God !!!!!! May he continue to guide and richly bless you along His path for your life!

Blessings to you and your family as well,