Navigating Life's Storms: Leonie Brown's Journey of Art, Courage, and Hope



Leonie.e.Brown Artist in studio working with heat gun on encaustic painting

"Life isn't a walk in the park for anyone. We're not born with an instruction manual on how to conquer life effortlessly. It's about embracing the struggles and making them part of our journey."

Courage and Perseverance isn't the Absence of Fear

No one is born a natural winner with incredible habits, discipline, and a lack of fear. We each have to fight for the things we belive in.

They say courage isn’t the absence of fear; it’s the strength to move forward, even when fear grips your heart. Today, I want to share a piece of my current journey with cancer.

The Artist's Insight

In the art world, we artists do more than just paint with oils. We’re like architects of emotions, using colours and strokes to create meaningful works. It’s as if we’re mathematicians finding balance, carpenters building frameworks, masons laying foundations, and engineers crafting feelings. In our abstract paintings, we explore the mysteries of life and express them on the canvas. With every brushstroke, we balance light and darkness, turning profound truths into beautiful visuals. It’s a mystical dance where art speaks to our souls in its own eloquent language.

From Darkness to Light

Some of you may already know my story, a tale of resilience born from a childhood tainted by parental alcoholism, rejection, and various forms of external abuse.

And yet, I emerged as a survivor, determined to thrive in spite of the scars. But life had one more challenge in store for me—cancer. I won’t hide the truth; when I first heard the word “cancer,” a wave of despair threatened to drown me. I was weary from a lifetime of fighting to survive and overcome the demons that haunted me. At that moment, I longed for eternal peace—to reunite with my animals in the afterlife.

The eternal question of why me, yet again? Has it not been enough?

Leonie.e.Brown Artist with her Husband

The Call to Fight

It was my husband who called me back from the darkness to light. Urging me to fight once more.

I questioned why I should endure more battles, and why I should continue to exist in a world filled with struggle. His answer was simple yet profound—he pointed me back to my faith and reminded me of the impact my art and teaching have had on others


Courage in Action​

Courage isn’t just a word; it’s a choice. It’s the decision to move forward, even when fear clings to your every step. It’s about facing life’s uncertainties head-on and finding the strength to keep going. Your story empowers others to find the courage to push through.

Your story builds strength and perseverance in those who hear it. You’ve made it through your own story because you’ve heard tales of others overcoming.

Share Your Stories of Hope

I invite you to share your stories of how art, whether mine or another’s, has brought comfort and hope into your life.

Art should not be confined to galleries or the elite. It’s a source of inspiration for all, a vessel for truth and beauty. It should not be for selfish gain but for the beauty, glory and good of God and others.

In closing, remember that courage and perseverance are the guiding stars of our lives. It’s not about being fearless but about finding the will to move forward, even when fear surrounds us. Life’s challenges may test us, but they also reveal the resilience within our souls.

He Has Given Me a New Heart

This art was prophetic in nature. Shortly after finishing this piece, i was told that I had a cancerous growth in my throat.

The dogs within the artwork symbolize the confusion that often plagues our minds, where thoughts revolve endlessly around the same problem without finding a solution. In contrast, the horse symbolizes strength, power, and the ability to overcome adversity. As an avid horse rider myself, I deeply resonate with the symbolism of the horse. The woman in the artwork is surrounded by birds and flowers, representing new life and growth amidst confusion. Despite the chaos surrounding her, the central figure stands still and quiet, waiting to hear the voice of love.

Created using the unique Cold Wax Painting technique, this piece invites you to run your fingers over its textured surface, allowing you to feel the depths of emotion embedded in each layer. The cold wax medium enables an interplay of light and shadow, unveiling hidden narratives and emotions that gradually unfold as you engage with the artwork.

The Secret Behind Leonie.e.Brown’s Artistic Quest: Seeking the Light 

In this video, we continue our conversation with Leonie.e.Brown, an artist whose work explores the intersection of spiritual and physical realities. In part 2 of our conversation, Leonie shares her secret to finding inspiration and success in her art. In part 1 of this conversation. Now in part 2, she shares with us her secret to finding inspiration and success in

FROM LEONIE: Hey there, fellow survivor and art enthusiast! I’ve been through battles, fought to live, and emerged stronger than ever. My art is a reflection of my journey, a testament to hope, resilience, and strength. In my paintings, you’ll find figures that embody the pain and suffering of abuse, but also the profound beauty and unyielding power of the human spirit. 


Whether you're an art enthusiast or someone seeking inspiration, I invite you to explore my shop and gallery, immerse yourself in the stories, and discover the beauty that can arise from life's challenges. Together, we can celebrate the art of thriving.


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