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Abstract Painting by Leonie.e.Brown Artist

Light Shines In The Darkness

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Resilience and Hope in Contemporary Landscape Art - A Leonie.e.Brown Original Masterpiece
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1200 x 1500 cm

Oil and Cold Wax, Inks, Oil sticks on stretched canvas

Art Description

Light Shines In The Darkness" by Leonie.e.Brown Artist is a profound contemporary landscape artwork that tells a story of resilience and hope through the interplay of cold wax, oils, inks, and oil sticks on stretched canvas.

The artwork's heavily textured surface, adorned with rich reds, luminous golds, timeless classic brown oxide, and captivating blues, invites you to explore its depths both visually and tactilely. Each stroke and layer of paint narrates a tale of transformation and emergence.

In this piece, Leonie Brown reflects on her personal journey through a metaphorical dark night of the soul. It mirrors the experience of navigating a profound transition where hope seemed elusive and the inner light dimmed. Yet, like a tree in a drought, the search for deeper waters led to unexpected growth and renewal.

For two years, Leonie lived in the shadows, yearning for a heart of flesh, not stone. The artwork captures this transformative journey, echoing the words of Ezekiel 36:26, "And I will give you a new heart and a new spirit I will put within you. And I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh."

'Light Shines in the Darkness' serves as a beacon of hope, reminding us that even in our darkest moments, external sources of light can guide us towards a new dawn. It stands as an original masterpiece, an emblem of creative expression, and a collectible art piece that speaks to the human spirit's resilience.

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Leonie’s art is not just a form of personal expression; it’s a medium through which she connects with her audience. Her unique creations are not confined to the canvas; they evoke emotions, tell stories, and inspire those who view them. With a keen eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to her craft, Leonie’s artwork is a true reflection of her passion.


I am an artist who believes in conveying emotions through bold and vibrant colours, using gestural motions and large brushes to engage with the canvas physically.

My spontaneous and intuitive approach involves multiple layers, impasto techniques, and experimentation with various materials like charcoal and inks. Influenced by artists such as Karel Appel, Willem de Kooning, and Mark Rothko, my work embraces improvisation, emphasising the therapeutic power of art to convey joy and vitality.

The core principles of expressiveness, spontaneity, and vibrant colours remain constant throughout my evolving techniques. My abstract creations are windows into a world of hope, joy, and life, serving as beacons of optimism in a world often filled with negativity and despair.

They invite viewers to embrace life, find happiness in every moment, and smile in the face of adversity.

Constant experimentation and evolution define my approach, and like Karel Appel, I believe in the therapeutic power of art, aiming to convey joy and vitality through my work.


Every stroke of my figurative art is a testament to the strength of women, including myself, who have overcome emotional, physical, and mental abuse. Three out of every four women have endured some form of abuse, and my figurative art tells their stories. It’s about survival and the journey towards a future shaped not by the past but by hope, faith, and peace.


My abstract landscapes, crafted with encaustic wax, invite you to touch the art and become a part of it. These landscapes are a canvas of possibilities, where anything can happen. They evoke a sense of openness and peace, reminding us that life is an ever-changing landscape of opportunities.
My encaustic wax landscapes are more than just visual experiences; they’re tactile journeys. As you touch these artworks, you become a part of them, immersed in a world of limitless possibilities. It’s a landscape that evokes openness and peace, a place where anything can happen.

In essence, my art breathes life into those who may have felt lifeless. It’s an invitation to explore, to heal, and to find hope in unexpected places.

As you explore my art, I encourage you to reflect on your own journey. Life is a canvas waiting for your unique story to be painted. Find your own story amidst these colors, brushstrokes, and narratives.


Whether you're an art enthusiast or someone seeking inspiration, I invite you to explore my shop and gallery, immerse yourself in the stories, and discover the beauty that can arise from life's challenges. Together, we can celebrate the art of thriving.

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